Problems With the Rose Flower and How to Fix Them


You can’t just deft the beauty and aroma of a rose flower. However, rose flowers are hard to grow: but you can start rose gardening at the comfort of your home. There are a couple of things you need to learn before you start rose gardening.

In this article, you will learn valuable tips to help you deal with the health of rose flowers:

Destroyed and stunted young canes

This rose disease is also called powdery mildew. It mostly affects the leaves, the buds as well as the stems. The wind swept white powder settles on this plant and make it roll and turn purple.

Malformed or stunted leaves and flowers

 The spider mites affect the leaves and flowers or the rose plant. They can appear as small yellow, red or green spiders at the bottom of the leaves. They feed on the foliage juice.

Black spots on foliage

Black spots appear in circular shapes with distorted edges on the leaves. They turn the leaves yellow. To solve this problem, you need to get rid of the infected leaves and pick any fallen leaves around the rose plant. Artificial sprays can also treat the disease.

Injured lower parts of the leaves

This disease is also called rust. Orange-red blisters grow on the rose plant and turn it black in fall. They can also sprout in spring and survive in winter. To treat the condition, get rid of the infected injured leaves in fall.

Weak and blotched leaves

 The primary cause of this condition is aphids. They are tiny soft bodied living creatures that appear in either red, green or brown. Sometimes, they grow as a clump under the flower leaves or buds. They also feed on juices from the delicate buds and leaves from plants.



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