Rose Flower Disorders and Their Remedies


We can all agree that rose flowers are beautiful and carry some fantastic aroma. But, it is not easy to grow rose flowers. Still, if you want to, you can plant some of the flowers in your garden, in your home. There are some essential things you need to know before you begin rose gardening. Rose flowers are prone to diseases and other attacks that affect the flower’s health, and here some of the illnesses and disorder facing the Flowers Roses, and how to treat them.

a)          Damaged leaves bottom

Rust is the disease that destroys the lower areas of the leaves. Blisters grow on the plant and turn in black. The disorders can occur in spring, or fall, but survive in winter. Remove the infected leaves to prevent infection

b)         Blotched leaves

Aphids cause blotched leaves. They usually appear in brown, green or red creatures. They can look as a clump below the leaves and buds; they suck on the juice.

c)          Stunted and destroyed canes

This type of rose condition is known as powdery mildew. It affects the buds, leaves, and stems. When the wind sweeps the white powder, it settles on the plant and makes it turn purple.

d)         Stunted and malformed flowers and leaves

The spider mites usually attack the flowers and leaves of the rose plant. They typically appear as green, yellow or red spiders below the leaves. The suck on the foliage juice.

e)          Black spots on the leaves

Black sports occur in a circle-like shape. They usually grow on the edge of the leaves. The make the leaves turn yellow. Pluck of the infected leaves and collect fallen leaves around the plant to avoid infection. You can also use the artificial spray to treat the condition for good.